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    .. new schedule
    Saturday, October 24, 2009
    here's a blog about my new schedule. with new semester comes new schedule. here it goes. :)

    picture of the sched. [click to enlarge. :) ]

    first day :: sunday :: october 17
    1st and only subject was NSTP. it started 7:30AM but i arrived 9:00AM. hahaha. anyway, the subject was extended until 5pm. stupid right. hahaha. anyway, it turned out great at the end. so no regrets. :)

    monday came.
    i met our professor in eng. not cool. he was bOOOOOring, hahaha. time couldn't run slower. :)) but after our 1 and a half hour vacant, good news came. ma'am andrea is once again our professor. :] nwei, mas111s was a nightmare. when i entered the room, everyone knows someone except for me. i was searching the whole room and i know no one but myself. i didn't mind the silence thinkin it would be easy for me to adjust and hear the noise once again. but no. the class was already half way and still silence for me. until i looked at my right. and there she was! Sabel. a former blockmate! when our professor told us to go downstairs, i immediately went to her. we talked while climbing down the stairs. and there, noise again. yei! :)) enough about that, lets talk math. :P after mas111s, i went straight downstairs cause we were dismissed early. i saw my barkada and we all went to our math class. the teacher was just ok until she explained how she grades someone. and damn it! she's awesome! hahaha. after that, nothin else to do. so she dismissed us. i went home, and there. 2nd day's done. :]

    .. download
    Friday, October 16, 2009
    i woke up at 6:40 am and started listening to The Morning Rush until 10 am. fun! always. :) and btw, they greeted my WHOLE family on the radio! awesome! always. :)

    anyway, because of the whole "arranging my room" thing, i sneezed the whole day.. ahahaha! stooopid. so i went out the room as soon as Chico and Delamar ended their show. and there. no more sneezing sessions. LOL.

    also, i just want to share the songs ive just downloaded. (that's why the blog title is "download"). i started with Doesn't Mean Anything by Alicia Keys. Next was Two is Better than One by Boys Like Girls feat. Taylor Swift. Then i downloaded Panic At The Disco's New Perspective, Shakira's She Wolf, and Body Language of Jesse McCartney. and lastly, i downloaded 5 songs from Glee. The medley of Halo and Walking On Sunshine, also the medley of Its My Life and Confession Part Two, and their version of Alone, On My Own, and Keep Holding On. all of them are just AWESOME! hope you download them. :)

    here's a preview of every song's chorus for everyone to know if its their type or not. :)

    [ pause the player on the music tab first. then click the title. :) ]

    .. BLOG AGAIN :]]
    Thursday, October 15, 2009
    sorry! i got carried away on this "new blog thing". hahaha.

    anyway, im just so glad people from the limelight give replies to me when i tweet them. hehehe. a bit desprate but whatever. jealous. :)))

    yes! delamar from The Morning Rush! RX 93.1! soooo glad, i tell you! soooo glad! :)
    next update is from her again. :)

    woohoo! next update is from her partner Chico! he explained his update

    and i asked him what does it mean, he answered, (click the photo to enlarge it.) (the update below goes first. that's just how twitter goes.)

    yei! :) anyway, this just shows that people from The Morning Rush are down to earth. :)

    another celebrity who mentioned me in his tweet is Champ Lui Pio from HALE. yepp. hahaha. here it is. :)

    he tweeted this,

    and i asked him if the new single is their song "Kalesa" (coz its AWESOME! duh?) he replied,

    yeahbu. hahaha. Alessandra De Rosi also mentioned me on 3-5 of her tweets. but i cant show it anymore coz it happened 2-3 months ago. and i find it hard to click the "more" button over and over again just to find it.

    anyway, i have to go now. its getting late and i still have so many things to do. see yah. :)
    original plan was to arrange my room last monday. BUT, there were some problems in my schedule. Monday, i went to QC with some friends. Tuesday, enrollment for second term. Wednesday, my sister slept the whole day in the room . i didnt get the chance to do it that day.

    anyway, today was the day! when i woke up, i first ate my brunch then started working. i started 11 and ended placing every object at 1. i stopped and rested. its already 6:40 and i havent clean the room yet. which reminds me. hahaha. :)) got to go.
    .. brand new blog
    here's my brand new blog. deleted the old ""

    anyway, just finished editing the design of my blog. the whole design was from Mira Muhayat. here's some of her designs. :) click here.

    awesome designs, right?! so that's about it for my introduction. just credited the person responsible for the great template of my blog. ok?

    bye. :)

    Status UPDATE ::     my brand new blog! hope you like it. :]

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