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    .. BLOG AGAIN :]]
    Thursday, October 15, 2009
    sorry! i got carried away on this "new blog thing". hahaha.

    anyway, im just so glad people from the limelight give replies to me when i tweet them. hehehe. a bit desprate but whatever. jealous. :)))

    yes! delamar from The Morning Rush! RX 93.1! soooo glad, i tell you! soooo glad! :)
    next update is from her again. :)

    woohoo! next update is from her partner Chico! he explained his update

    and i asked him what does it mean, he answered, (click the photo to enlarge it.) (the update below goes first. that's just how twitter goes.)

    yei! :) anyway, this just shows that people from The Morning Rush are down to earth. :)

    another celebrity who mentioned me in his tweet is Champ Lui Pio from HALE. yepp. hahaha. here it is. :)

    he tweeted this,

    and i asked him if the new single is their song "Kalesa" (coz its AWESOME! duh?) he replied,

    yeahbu. hahaha. Alessandra De Rosi also mentioned me on 3-5 of her tweets. but i cant show it anymore coz it happened 2-3 months ago. and i find it hard to click the "more" button over and over again just to find it.

    anyway, i have to go now. its getting late and i still have so many things to do. see yah. :)

    Status UPDATE ::     my brand new blog! hope you like it. :]

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