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    Friday, October 16, 2009
    i woke up at 6:40 am and started listening to The Morning Rush until 10 am. fun! always. :) and btw, they greeted my WHOLE family on the radio! awesome! always. :)

    anyway, because of the whole "arranging my room" thing, i sneezed the whole day.. ahahaha! stooopid. so i went out the room as soon as Chico and Delamar ended their show. and there. no more sneezing sessions. LOL.

    also, i just want to share the songs ive just downloaded. (that's why the blog title is "download"). i started with Doesn't Mean Anything by Alicia Keys. Next was Two is Better than One by Boys Like Girls feat. Taylor Swift. Then i downloaded Panic At The Disco's New Perspective, Shakira's She Wolf, and Body Language of Jesse McCartney. and lastly, i downloaded 5 songs from Glee. The medley of Halo and Walking On Sunshine, also the medley of Its My Life and Confession Part Two, and their version of Alone, On My Own, and Keep Holding On. all of them are just AWESOME! hope you download them. :)

    here's a preview of every song's chorus for everyone to know if its their type or not. :)

    [ pause the player on the music tab first. then click the title. :) ]

    Status UPDATE ::     my brand new blog! hope you like it. :]

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