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    .. new schedule
    Saturday, October 24, 2009
    here's a blog about my new schedule. with new semester comes new schedule. here it goes. :)

    picture of the sched. [click to enlarge. :) ]

    first day :: sunday :: october 17
    1st and only subject was NSTP. it started 7:30AM but i arrived 9:00AM. hahaha. anyway, the subject was extended until 5pm. stupid right. hahaha. anyway, it turned out great at the end. so no regrets. :)

    monday came.
    i met our professor in eng. not cool. he was bOOOOOring, hahaha. time couldn't run slower. :)) but after our 1 and a half hour vacant, good news came. ma'am andrea is once again our professor. :] nwei, mas111s was a nightmare. when i entered the room, everyone knows someone except for me. i was searching the whole room and i know no one but myself. i didn't mind the silence thinkin it would be easy for me to adjust and hear the noise once again. but no. the class was already half way and still silence for me. until i looked at my right. and there she was! Sabel. a former blockmate! when our professor told us to go downstairs, i immediately went to her. we talked while climbing down the stairs. and there, noise again. yei! :)) enough about that, lets talk math. :P after mas111s, i went straight downstairs cause we were dismissed early. i saw my barkada and we all went to our math class. the teacher was just ok until she explained how she grades someone. and damn it! she's awesome! hahaha. after that, nothin else to do. so she dismissed us. i went home, and there. 2nd day's done. :]


    Status UPDATE ::     my brand new blog! hope you like it. :]

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